Year End Summary

Year End Summary — 9/30/16 to 9/30/17

In its first year, The People Concern’s Malibu Outreach Team met or exceeded all of its proposed goals.  Highlights for the first year include:


  • 184 homeless individuals contacted on the streets of Malibu
  • 76 homeless individuals with multiple contacts were engaged (level 1) who are now at varying stages of accessing supportive services
  • 68 enrolled in ongoing services with housing and goal plans now in place
  • 30 linked to additional intensive, street-based (level 2) services from The People Concern’s interdisciplinary teams (which include physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, mental health professionals and substance abuse experts)
  • 24 moved off of the streets (in either interim or permanent housing)
  • 17 vouchers secured for scattered site permanent supportive housing
  • 12 are document ready and approved for upcoming vouchers
  • 10 holding vouchers and actively looking for apartments at year-end
  • 11 permanently housed


Priority List

A priority list was generated at the beginning of the year based on community concern, input from the Sheriff’s Department and vulnerability (identified by the Team through field based assessments).


The priority list started with 16 individuals and was reduced to ten by year’s end due to housing or relocating six individuals. Of the original 16 individuals on the priority list, four have been permanently housed, two have left Malibu to relocate to Colorado, one has a voucher in hand and is looking for an apartment, three are receiving intensive clinical case management and have been approved for vouchers through the agency’s Multi-Interdisciplinary Team (MIT). All ten of the individuals remaining on priority list at the end of the year are considered engaged.


Community Interactions

Overall, the Outreach Team was warmly received by the community of Malibu over the course of the year and has developed an extensive network of community support. A dedicated phone hotline, outreach email and outreach business card was established for the community to facilitate referrals to the Team. Team members were contacted directly on a daily basis from both members of the community and homeless individuals in need. The Team participated in the annual Homeless Count and worked effectively with the MTFH, the Sheriff’s Department, Zuma Beach lifeguards, other homeless service providers and community leaders to coordinate efforts and make a significant and positive impact on homelessness in Malibu. The Team also coordinated efforts with the County sponsored Westside Coordinated Entry System (CES) and participated in CES monthly case management meetings to coordinate and efficiently use County resources to target Malibu’s hardest to reach individuals. The Team conducted ride-alongs with multiple community stakeholders, including members of the MTFH, the Mayor Pro Tem Rick Mullen, and Public Safety Manager Susan Dueñas, to provide a close-up view of the work the outreach team does. The Malibu Times wrote articles about the Team and its successes in both outreach and securing housing. The People Concern’s Executive Director, John Maceri, along with the Team facilitated a successful “Best Practices” presentation / meeting with key stakeholders engaged in helping homeless individuals in Malibu to encourage better communication, collaboration and a spirit of community teamwork. The Team participated in a holiday donations drive at City Hall that secured an abundance of clothing, food, and other items that was extremely valuable in meeting both homeless individuals’ immediate needs, and helping to develop trust and rapport to convince them to work on their long-term needs and goals.


Outreach Team Expansion

As part of our goal to significantly improve the health and housing outcomes of all our homeless clients, The People Concern and Venice Family Clinic (VFC) secured private funding to expand the services offered specifically through The People Concern’s Malibu and Pacific Palisades Outreach Teams.  The Malibu Team is now supported by a medical doctor (Dr. King), a psychiatrist (Dr. Ryan), a full-time Housing Locator (Jaime Gallardo) and full-time Clinical Case Manager (Janine Vockeroth). These additions to the team are providing much needed street based mental and medical healthcare, case management and housing opportunities, which allows the outreach team to focus even more of their time and efforts doing outreach and engagement on the streets of Malibu.

Next Steps

Overall, the Team made a significant and positive impact on the Malibu homeless population over the last year. Currently, there are only 45 individuals who are being contacted on a regular basis that are still not open to services and are considered not engaged.  In the year ahead, the Team will seek input from the MTFH and the community to expand the priority list. The Team will work closely with its community partners to coordinate efforts, problem solve and continue to build trust and rapport with those who have been on the streets of the Malibu the longest, still remain on the streets, and continue having a high profile in the community. Specifically, the Team will target hard to reach individuals presenting options for housing and connecting them to intensive, wrap-around services when necessary and as new opportunities present themselves.


The Team also successfully enrolled 68 individuals into ongoing supportive services over the last year. Included in these 68 are 12 individuals who are approved for housing vouchers, and another ten who have vouchers in hand and are currently looking for apartments. The Team will continue to support The People Concern’s Housing Department, Multi-Interdisciplinary Teams and new VFC team members to continue moving these individuals forward in achieving their goal of permanent housing.


Currently, the Team is working with the MTFH in coordinating this year’s Holiday Drive, which will once again be held at City Hall, as well as with Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s office and other community partners to organize the next Malibu Homeless Connect Day on November 29th.