MTFH Leadership Team


Jay Scott won a Dolphin Award in February 2016, in recognition of his myriad volunteer efforts to help the less fortunate in Malibu. Jay, who retired nine years ago as project manager for a general contractor, currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Malibu Community Labor Exchange (MCLE) and as Chair of the Malibu Task Force on Homelessness (MTFH). Jay is a founding member of Malibu’s Community Assistance Resource Team (CART), member of the Malibu Interfaith Group on Homelessness, and former member of the Board of Directors of the Malibu Jewish Center. For years, Jay helped SOS and local interfaith groups provide Thursday night dinners for homeless neighbors, and had an agreement with a local supermarket to pick up donated food, which he distributed to benefit homeless individuals and needy people who attended Wednesday night dinners at Malibu United Methodist Church.


Paul Davis is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Tennenbaum Capital Partners, a Santa Monica based asset management firm, and TCP Capital Corp., a NASDAQ-listed public company that provides financing to both middle market companies and small businesses. Paul currently also serves as a lay minister in the Pacific Palisades congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, where he presides over its elders quorum, and has served in various capacities with service organizations on both a full and part time basis. Paul is a native of Southern California and a graduate of UCLA with a degree in business and finance.


Matt is a seasoned entrepreneur with experience in helping brands gain market penetration and increase sales through his marketing and technology agency. His passion for helping those who are struggling to help themselves began at an early age. During high school, Matt became a counselor for POWER for KIDS (Providing Opportunity Work Ethic and Responsibility) to underprivileged kids. This passion has continued throughout his adult life. While in Phoenix, he led a group of volunteers, including children, in providing water to local homeless people. He has been very active in assisting homeless individuals in Malibu for the past two years. In addition, he is co-founder and board member of a Malibu- based nonprofit focused on kids’ safety.


The Reverend Paul Elder is the Deacon at St. Aidan’s Church, Malibu, where he has been a member since 1996. As Deacon, he is responsible for duties at the church, but his main focus is on serving poor and homeless people by providing guidance and practical help in many aspects of their lives. He is dedicated to helping the least of God’s children and encouraging his congregation to be active in their survival. He sees in the work of the Malibu Task Force on Homelessness (MTFH) an opportunity to accomplish many significant changes for people in need, by providing them with services that will lead to the normalization of their lives and the opportunity for them to become productive members of society. A side benefit for the City of Malibu will be to ease some of the tensions that exist between residents and those unfortunate enough to be living on the streets.


Burt Ross is a former Mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey, and a former Administrator of the New Jersey State Energy Office. Burt owns and manages commercial real estate in New Jersey. He has lived in Malibu for the past six years and writes a humor column for The Malibu Times.


Joan earned her masters degree at the Columbia University School of Social Work, and worked for many years at Alternatives to Domestic Violence, a county-run agency in Hackensack, New Jersey. Before joining and actively supporting the work of MTFH, Joan was a member of Malibu’s Community Assistance Resource Team (CART). She has also volunteered at Malibu’s “Homeless Connect Day.” Perhaps because she personally knows people who have experienced the despair of homelessness, and are now housed, productive members of the community, Joan is hopeful that The People Concern’s outreach work in Malibu will lead to many more such successful transitions, and that people now struggling just to survive will, with help, find stability, discover purpose, develop talents, and inspire others to do the same.


Paula Mae Schwartz is Chief Operating Officer of Chockstone Pictures, a film company that has been a producer on a variety of films, from “The Tree of Life,” which won the Palm d’Ore at the Cannes Film Festival, to Ridley Scott’s “The Counselor.” At present, she and her husband, Steve, are working on a documentary about a homeless man who reconnects with his daughter. Prior to filmmaking, Paula Mae co-founded an international marketing agency that was named one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in the U.S. Her nonprofit interest dates back to teaching filmmaking to underprivileged children to having pro-bono clients, such as Disabled Sports USA. Paula Mae and Steve are proud to be supporters of The People Concern and The Downtown Women’s Center. On a personal note, she has many homeless friends in Malibu, and is pleased to offer them the services of the City’s two dedicated outreach workers. As a member of the Malibu Task Force on Homelessness, Paula Mae would be delighted to help with marketing and fundraising.


A forty year Malibu resident, Connie is a retired clinical psychologist and educator with many years of work and leadership in community mental health, with particular expertise in domestic violence, child abuse, and child and family development. She also owned a private psychology practice in Santa Monica with an emphasis on child and family psychology. Community service, with a focus on social justice issues, remains a key focus in the use of her time and commitments. Connie has a long affiliation with OPCC (now The People Concern), having worked for and in support of the agency since the late 1980s. She consulted and started Sojourn’s children’s program for the children of domestic violence survivors at the shelter. Connie and her husband, Jay, have been supporters of OPCC for many years because of the agency’s unique and successful work with vulnerable homeless people in the community. She has served on community boards and cabinets in a variety of settings – higher education, Sojourn, and OPCC – with an emphasis on advancement and development as well as program design, development and oversight. Recognizing that Malibu as a community has a unique challenge to respond to all of its members, including the most vulnerable of its neighbors, she asked for the introduction to the Malibu Task Force on Homelessness through OPCC after following the initial success of the task force’s work with considerable interest in the local Malibu press. It is Connie’s hope to be part of a thoughtful and collaborative process that will generate solutions to meet the needs of homeless residents of the community.


Cooper, who attends Malibu High School, holds many leadership roles, including Editor in Chief of the school newspaper. He is also the robotics team lead and participates in varsity track and field. Cooper was responsible for creating the MTFH website and the fundraising deck used in donor solicitation. His work experience with CarLabs, Santa Monica Youth Tech and CodeSmith has allowed him to contribute greatly to MTFH’s technology and marketing efforts. Cooper is very passionate about helping those affected by homelessness. His efforts include educating fellow high school students about homelessness and encouraging their participation in constructive ways to help those in need.


Pamela Conley Ulich
Founding MTFH Co-chair, Emeritus

Dr. Renee Kaswan
Founding MTFH Member, Emeritus